The United States National team has never won at Estadio Azteca, home of Mexican National team. It's tough to play in front of 105,000 rabid Mexican supporters let alone the high altitude and nasty pollution. Couple that with the 5 to nil drubbing that we suffered in the Gold Cup final and everything points to another win for El Tri. Not so fast...this is a US team coming off a gutsy performance in the Confederations Cup. This is a US team boasting one of the world's best keepers in Tim Howard. This is a US team with speed, fitness and finally, a backbone. Gone are the days when the boys would roll over and die during big competitions. Not this team, not these players. Despite manager Bob Bradley's lack of tactical knowledge, this is a game that we are going to win and win soundly. This is the game that finally defines us as the dominant footballing nation in the region and the final nail in the coffin of a once proud Mexican team that's been in decline for years. Besides exercising the demons in Azteca, this win is one more step forward for a squad that's been gaining some real international respect this season.

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