Can we make the 2009 Playoffs?

Posted by espo On 11:21 AM
Okay, it's along shot for sure, but here is what needs to go down:

First and foremost, we need all 6 points from our last two games. We're currently sitting on 19 points and that would leave us with 25. That's a big improvement over last season's 18 points!

Real Maryland, 23 pts, can only tie one of their two remaining games. They play at home vs Bermuda and then close out in Wilmington. We need a strong performance from the Pigs! If Real ties both games they also have 25 points.

Crystal Palace, 22 pts, plays at Harrisburg tonight. If they lose or tie and we best them next week, we'll leapfrog them in the standings.

Western Ass, 20 pts, host Harrisburg on Wednesday and close out on the road vs the Eagles. I can see them dropping both, but for us to pass them they can only win one of those games, preferably vs Citah.

We could potentially tie the Eagles with 25 points if we beat them this weekend and then they drop their last game vs Ass (not likely).

As far as tiebreakers in the USL2 go, here are the scenarios concerning the Hounds:

First tiebreaker is league wins. So, we'd own the tiebreaker over the Eagles with 7 wins to their 6. Real could also finish with 7 wins and 25 points. The next tiebreaker would be goal differential. We both sit at -8 so if they tie both and we win both, we trump them. If Crystal Palace end up with 25 points, they'd have an advantage with their -3 goal differential going into the last game of the season vs the, we'd really have to pound them!

Confused yet? It's actually not that difficult. We just worry about ourselves and let the soccer gods sort it all out in the end...

player notes: T-Bone is out with an injury. Sean Bucknor is probable at best. Zewe is nursing a bad ankle as well which could require off-season surgery. Look for Jason Kutney to move from fullback to the wing.

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