Dawning Of A New Rivalry

Posted by TwoHalves On 4:43 PM

As we draw closer to the start of a new season, there has been a shift in the mindset of the Steel Army, less and less focus has been put on Cleveland and more and more on Harrisburg. There are obvious reasons for this, and then there are the not so obvious. First and probobly most blatant is that Clevo will be in a different division of the USL, so the Hounds can only play the "stars" in the US Open Cup or in what would probobly be a very entertaining friendly.

On to the less obvious... First off City Isles fans voiced concerns to thier front office after witnessing our antics in Pittsburgh. The Owner of the HCI then sent us a "warning" advising that we tone it down on our trip to Harrisburg. Now asking us to cool it on the foul language is one thing, and that I fully understand. Telling us that we shouldn't sing negative songs about the opposition however, completely crosses the line. So natuarally H-burg got a healthy dose of "Alabama in the Middle" and "Oh Harrisburg is full of SCUM!!!" T-Mac's upper 90 goal to give the Hounds thier first road win and the Army it's biggest cause for celebration of the season, futher added fuel to the rivalry. All of this combined with a HCI fan base that envies us, hates us, and doesn't understand us, is making Pittsburgh-Harrisburg a rivalry that I'm getting pumped up about. Remember that it was a City Islander Fan that said "support doesn't matter in this country"(-Thanks GA2)

So what better way to kick this rivalry of than with a song...

OH Harrisburg, OH Harrisburg,
Is Full of Scum, Is Full of Scum,
OH Harrisburg is Full of Scum,
It's Full of Scum, Scum and more Scum,
Oh Harrisburg is Full of Scum!!!!

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