Steel Army Year in Review 2008 Part 1.

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Since the new year is coming I thought I'd write about some of our favorite moments, trips, games and incidents over the past year. It was a hell of a ride, with alot of highs and a few lows, but the best thing about the Steel army is that we will be back and bigger and stronger next year. Allez Les Hounds!!!!!!

Best Photo: My favorite photo of the year would have to be BEEF hoisting the trophy in Harrisburg. I mean shouldn't they have kept it alittle more safe than just leaving it unattended on the consessions stand so that any ole hooligan (Beef and Espo) could come by and snatch it?

Best On Field Moment: This is a no brainer it has to be T-mac's Game winning header on the road against the defending champion Harrisburg City Islanders. It gave the Hounds thier first road win in exciting fasion and it gave the Steel Army an excuse to go out and drink with the players.

Best Song: In my opinion song that still echoes through the terraces and the minds of the Steel army would have to be "Shosholoza" For those of you who arent familiar with the song or the Steel Army there is a little bit of a story behind this one. One of the Founding members of the army, a man I will simply refer to as MJ, decided to email a friend of "Boyzzz" (one of our standout players) in the e-mail he asked if there were any specific songs that we should learn as a tribute to Boyzzz. "Shosholoza" a song of national pride in Boyzzz's naitive South Africa was suggested. After a few days practicing and some grumbling on the boards the song was finally debuted. African players on visiting teams whould look back to the Steel Army in suprise to hear the song. One singing of the song even recieved a roaring ovation from the rest of the Riverhound's crowd who at times during the year had been at odds with the army. As for Boyzzz his season and his career never looked back as he whould collect multiple league honors on his way to signing a loan contract with MLS side DC United.

Below is a link to the Shosholoza song, obviously not sung by the army but you'll get the picture.

In my next post I will review the top exploits of the Army including a very belated recap of our road trip to Harrisburg that you got a tast of today.

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