AP - Pittsburgh - April 7th, 2008

Young striker Logan had a breakout game this past Sunday. After opening scoring for the Whites, he was dealt to the hated Blues for the remainder of the session. He went on to score 3 more goals and assist on 2 others.

"I just felt good today," explained Logan, "everything was clicking out there. My teammates controlled the middle and gave me great service."

His most spectacular play didn't even result in a goal. Logan charged from the wing, won the ball after tossing BEEF to the pitch like a rag-doll and unleashed a powerful strike which struck the post.

"Well, the ball was in his feet a bit, so I challenged and he fell," said Logan in reference to stealing the ball from his father, BEEF, on a play in the 2nd half. "I just wish I could have put that one away."

"He played an incredible game," commented Blue's player Espo. "You can tell that he's my Godson. The way he approaches the game and takes on defenders...that's not something you can teach, it's something inside a man. I wouldn't be surprised to see Logan playing for the Riverhounds in another 7 years. He's this good after 2 games...imagine what he's going to be like after 2 years!"

1 Response to 'Army Dispatch: Espo Hails Logan; Touts Youngster for Hounds'

  1. MJ Said,'> April 7, 2008 at 4:27 PM

    A proper Army Dispatch! Logan is a quality addition to the SA pick-up match.