Key Largo, Montego, Baby why don't we...

Posted by Anonymous On 4:10 PM
...just skip over that 100 square mile dump in the Caribbean called Antigua?

There was a reason the Beach Boys chose to omit Antigua from their 1988 classic "Kokomo."

It's because they had enough foresight to realize what kind of scum would be attempting to play soccer in Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium.

By the way, who in their right mind names their male child "Vivian?"

Regardless, today is the first match in a Holy Thursday/Easter Sunday Double-Header in which the Hounds kick off not only their own season, but also the second season for USL PRO.  The only thing that could make this two-game footy standoff any more holy would be Benedict XXVI skydiving onto the field before kickoff.

Pittsburgh Player to Watch:  Hunter Gilstrap, GK.  If the Hounds plan to continue their defensively-minded play into the 2012 season, Hunter will be cornerstone.  The former 2010 USL-2 Goalkeeper of the Year has been one of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds' most consistent players the past few seasons.

Antigua Player to Watch:  George Dublin, D.  The 34-year-old defender has played in 9 World Cup qualification games in his career and brings experience and stability to the Antigua back-line.  Look for Dublin to impose a calming influence on an otherwise youthful Antigua team.

The game will be broadcast LIVE on UNATION ( at 7:00 pm.


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