Hounds Shakeup in 2010 ?

Posted by espo On 5:33 PM
I'm hearing lots of rumors about some changes that could be announced this week by the Pittsburgh Riverhounds Football Club. Given the current strife between USL, NASL and USSF, rumors and speculation are bound to run rampant.

The Hounds did quietly make a few changes to the front office late in 2009. My buddy John "Don't Call me Jeff" Rotz has been promoted to Director of Football. Meghan Arrico has been added to the team on a full time basis as well. She's a marketing major who should be able to help in an area where most USL teams struggle. These two moves alone have shown us that the Hounds are investing in the club's future.

As for this week's major announcement, we're still in the cold...efforts have been made a feelers cast but the Hounds are too tight-lipped (and killing us). We do have some sketchy details about an email sent out this morning that cannot be confirmed. Personally, I am hoping that a new venue for home games will be revealed. A few others in the Steel Army are speculating the signing of a few quality players.

I'm headed to the Greentree Sportsplex tonight for some indoor footy action. I've already warned one member of the front office that I'll be ransacking desks for clues!

2 Response to 'Hounds Shakeup in 2010 ?'

  1. RizzoSports Said,'> January 4, 2010 at 8:48 PM

    The Hounds need to build a neighborhood Stadium. Period.


  2. espo Said,'> January 5, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    rizzo, if we ever do get a stadium you're tailgating with us before the opener