Piper's Pub, You Will Never Find a more...

Posted by espo On 10:26 AM

..footy friendly place in Pittsburgh, period. It's the only establishment where you won't get a cross look after professing your love for the beautiful game. This past Monday afternoon, my beloved Newcastle United squad was scheduled to play in Sheffield versus the Blades. So I did what any good fan would do, I skipped work early and headed down to Piper's to catch the game live on Setanta, a soccer channel which is not part of most cable or satellite packages. Well, since Setanta has been struggling financially, they decided to sell the rights to the game and went ahead and broadcast a replay of the Watford game from Saturday. I was not impressed, but was not about to get up and leave having ordered the BLT! You see, Piper's is not only famous for their football friendly atmosphere, but also for their amazing food. Seeing my NUFC kit and looking dismayed, Alex, who I believe is the assistant manager, sprung into action. He checked channels. He made phone calls. He found out that Setanta sold the game to ESPN who was going to broadcast it on ESPN 360, an internet-based streaming sports channel. Tommy, who also works at the Pub, produced a laptop PC, stuck it on our table and pulled up the ESPN 360 broadcast. Amazing. I challenge anyone to tell me anywhere else in Pittsburgh where I could get that kind of service. The guys down at Piper's are great, the food is outstanding and the service is second to none. Newcastle won the road contest 1 to nil off a long-range Ryan Taylor blast, putting us back at the top of the Championship 2pts clear. I cannot thank the guys at Piper's enough for a great afternoon.

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