25 and Counting !!

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Had a chance to rap with my ace Whitehall about the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Outlaws...rather than rehash what he had to say, I asked him to write up a little something for the blog...enjoy!

Hello all you fine Footie fans, my name is Brandon, but you can call me
Whitehall. I am a member of the glorious Steel Army and the leader of the
American Outlaws here in wonderful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have the
privilege of getting to share my thoughts with you good people, and today I am gonna tell you all a little story about the birth of the US Supporter's group here in my home town.

"The meaning of footie"
Ya know that feeling of friendship, brotherhood, and camaraderie that you happen to find in life some days? That sense that when you are with these people that you are one of them, and that you are part of a family and that they are the most important people to you at this very moment? To me, that is what it is like to be a member of the Steel Army and the American Outlaws. When I walk down the path past all the other bleachers and end up in our section at CVHS, I know that I am home and that my spot is waiting for me. When I walk into Piper's Pub and take my seat, and people walk up to say hi and talk about the game or to say thank you for inviting them to join the AO the feeling is the same. It is these two families that make soccer so important to me, and these are two groups of people that I will do anything for.

"First you were a Hooligan, and now your an Outlaw?? Whats going on???" may be asking, why in the heck is he talking about the Steel Army? Shouldn't he be talking about the Outlaws? Well, every journey has to start somewhere and my love of soccer really started when I joined the Steel Army and learned what it is like to be part of a soccer supporters group. As the Steel Army grew we decided to expand our focus and start supporting the USMNT, and thanks to the experiences of one member, we decided to partner with the American Outlaws. I won't bore you with the dramas and insanities of finding a home, (though a few Lavlaughlins might loosen my tongue), but we settled down at Piper's Pub and I can truly say that we are home. Drew takes good care of us, and I will be damn proud when we can present him with the banner of an official American Outlaws chapter.

"Ya, almost at twenty-five, just a few more, just a few more!"
So, to be an official American Outlaws chapter, we needed to acquire a band of brothers at least 25 strong, and I am so proud to say that we have met that mark, and are petitioning for official chapter status with the national organization. Once we get that, we will bet set! Fame, Glory, Free Stuff!!!!!!! And since people have upped the ante by supporting this venture to full status, that means I need to do more on my part. So watch for more fun to come. We are already organizing a road trip to the US vs Costa Rica match on October 14th, looking into chapter specific cups and shirts and other fun stuff, and maybe even an indoor team for the fall season. And this is just what we have accomplished in the first four months... imagine where we could be at the end of the first year!

So....thank ya for a few moments o' your precious time and I hope
to see you and yours at the next meeting of the AO to cheer the US onto

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