This Is Our Team

Posted by espo On 10:30 AM
Tomorrow we'll be in Harrisburg for what is shaping up as a pivotal game as the Hounds prepare for their season-ending home stand. Things have been bit depressing lately with the lack of on-field results and very little off-field news. I mentioned this to Jason Kutney in an email and got the following from him in return...

To The Army,

Well, here we are. It's July of 2009, and we're in a similar situation as we
were last year.....a few wins out from the playoffs. Our advantage this year is
pretty clear: we have 5 home games in a row to finish the season.

It seems like years since we've played at CV, but we're just 1 game away from
the return.

Thinking back on last season, there was a moment that catapulted us toward
the playoff run - Harrisburg. Of my moments as a pro, I will never forget the
run to the corner, celebrating Justin's goal. I will also never forget the toast
at Molly Brannigans that night. That night made the Riverhounds organization an
organization. Until then, we were just efforts and hope glued together by

I know as a supporter, the past year and a half have been tough. As a player,
they have been tough. As an owner, they have been tough. As a player/owner who
loves the Army, they have been very tough.

Each day I show up to work, I am faced with a variety of challenges from
financial constraints to planning on how to get out of a high school stadium to
how to properly evolve our youth academy to how to finish all the work in time
to get to practice. Scott Gibson, Justin Evans, and I show up at 8am to start
our work day, then train our youth players each and every day for an average of
4.5 hours, then get back to work, and then leave for our own training. During
that time, I sort out two separate companies, trying to elevate both to new
levels. We shed the tired skin every afternoon in order to perform at training.
As professionals, it is expected that we will perform, no matter what we did
during the rest of the day. And we do so.

We have others working full time jobs, like Nate Salsi and Cody Bragg, who
turn on the jets in the evenings to do the same. We do so as the nucleus of the
team. We do so because we love what the team represents. We do so because of the

My work will transform over the next few months, as we embark on a mission to
make a significant impact on soccer in western pennsylvania. The love and
respect for all that the Army provides is in that project. There is a brighter
future in that project - hopefully we can all enjoy it together.

But for now, here we are again. It's July 2009 and we're in a similar
situation as we were last year....a few wins out from the playoffs. If there are
7 of you in Harrisburg or 70, you are the Steel Army and we play for you. You
each work and support families and make sacrifices in order to turn on the jets
when supporting us. If we are to move forward into a brighter future, we need
each other. It has to start back up again, in Harrisburg. It is not EPL, it's not
La Liga, it's not MLS, its your team.

Let's get points and pints from here on out!

Thanks for all that you do and will do.


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