I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff McIntyre, owner of Ruffneck Scarves, during his recent visit to Pittsburgh. Jeff was in town as part of the 2009 Ruffneck Roadtrip to catch the Riverhounds versus Harrisburg City Islanders match.

Aside from talking about the current state of soccer support in the United States Jeff and I also discussed the controversy surrounding American broadcaster Stephen Cohen. Cohen has again placed blame on Liverpool supporters for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster where 96 of their fellow fans were crushed to death.

As an advertiser on Cohen's radio program Ruffneck Scarves has been caught in the middle of this controversy. During our interview McIntyre discusses his recent talks with Liverpool Supporters Club New York ( McIntyre also states for the record his differing stance from Cohen.

"We (Ruffneck Scarves) do not at all share the opinions of Stephen Cohen."
The full Ruffneck interview is available for DOWNLOAD and LISTENING.

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