Oh Des Moines, Iowa wonderfull

Posted by YK On 2:27 PM

Friends, most of you have only recently discovered the beauty of the world's game. Whether its the lack of commercials and TV timeouts, passion of the fans, catchy songs, or Phellipe Mexes, you all came to love the spectacle of 22 men chasing a ball around for 90 minutes. After seeing the light you have two thoughts running through your head, “omg Christiano is so cute" or “I should tell my friends about this game and culture". Lets concentrate on the second thought i.e. let us touch on the subject of converting your American buddy to a soccer fan.
I myself have contributed to few people expressing interest in the game and would like to share with you my guide to a successful conversion.

Step 1. Do not be "in your face", avoid phrases such as “Dude, its the greatest game in the world",” It is European and you will be more cultured", " It is so much better than * insert a popular American sport" or " omg Christiano is so cute". Be patient, talk about the game with your friend or coworker, do not overload them with information and with time, that person will begin to show some moderate interest in the game, just to see what you are talking about.

Step 2. Find the common ground between the person in the game. If the person is of European descent you can tell them about the great players and rivalries from the land of his or her ancestors.
Caveat: Be careful here, if that person's name is Mike " Italian last name" and he is 4th generation Italian and the only Italian words Mike knows is marinara sauce and pizza, becomes a fan of Italian National have FAILED.

Step 3. Invite that person to watch a game with you and explain certain nuances of the game. Don't talk much, just listen and answer any questions that person might have.

Step 4. Do not pressure that person into supporting a particular team...because he or she will end up supporting Sunderland and than switch teams every week...or purchase a velcro wallet. Let the person make his own decision and don't rush into any commitments. Perfect example here, and I am not talking about gay marriage, is Beef and Espo. These two lads followed the game for a year before becoming supporters of West Ham and a certain Coca Cola Championship powerhouse.

After following these steps carefully you will make "that person" a footie fan. If not, well then...let "that person" enjoy four hours of coverage for a 90 second horse race.

P.S. If you read this and found many grammar errors...remember where I am from and just let it go.

P.P.S. If you read this and got offended...I AM VERY SORRY


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  1.'> May 24, 2009 at 10:55 PM

    Newcastle, pride of the north...howay the lads! I don't need a shiny top-4 team to find glory, dammit! Nice work Yan.


  2.'> May 26, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    It was a pretty good piece Yan.

    I ended up with Tottenham as my team simply because I like to say the word "Tottenham."