Up the Hounds? I Hope So…

Posted by espo On 5:11 PM
It’s been a rocky preseason for my beloved PRFC. Only able to manage two draws in four games vs. local college teams is like being kicked squaw in the nuts. I’m struggling to find the Salsi-headed lining to this stormy cloud, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult as the results roll in from (yes, KC gets the scores posted rather quickly).

Could these results be an aberration? I hope so, because it feels like death is looming over the horizon for this coming season! I made it out to the fixture vs. Pitt last week and left asking myself if I’ve gone completely mental these past few years. Yes, there were bright spots: the massive Croatian CB wearing my favorite number (4) kicked someone so hard in the thigh that we could hear the slapping noise up in the stands. SJK (Super Jason Kutney) looked lightning-quick and played several crosses into the area. The only thing Eddie Hayden can do better than pick up women is play ball. Actually, the entire back line looked real good.

Now, let me point out some things that were missing: There was absolutely nothing up top, nobody making runs and very few shots on goal. The trialists just couldn’t link up with Evans and the midfield play was generally sloppy. There were more turnovers than…than…eh, I can’t think of anything clever at the moment. It seems like goals are going to be tough to come by this season. The one guy, Jerome, who has scored a few, is former filthy Cleveland scum. How can I root for a guy who smashed into our keeper to steal points from us last year at the away opener?

At this point, after losing to WVU last night, the only direction is up. Let's hope the gaffer can pull the squad together and figure out the winning formula before next week’s league opener.

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