Since the turn of the century, when the phenomenon began in Britain, colored scarves have been traditional supporter wear for fans of soccer clubs around the world. These scarves come in a wide variety of sizes, are made in a club's particular colors and may contain the club crest or various slogans relating to the history of the club. After the ball, the supporter’s scarf is the most recognizable symbol of the sport and is proudly worn as a badge of honor.

The global soccer culture is finally reaching our shores, much to the delight of soccer fans such as myself! One of the first things we did after the formation of the Steel Army was to design and appropriate scarves of our own. Our scarves are bold and unique. People instantly recognize that we support the Pittsburgh Riverhounds Football Club when they see them draped across our shoulders.

There are more kids playing soccer in the United States than any other sport, hands down. Youth academies and organizations are preparing our youngsters at the earliest of ages and represent the essential building blocks for the sport on a national level. There is no better way to show pride in your organization than to display the traditional supporter’s scarf.

Ruffneck Wear, based in Seattle, is a company whose mission is to help the traditional soccer culture take root in the US. They accomplish this by providing a complete package of services to supply a number of soccer clubs, youth organizations, soccer based charities and supporter groups with high-quality scarves, which can be sold as a way to raise money, distributed as a means of advertisement or awarded as an act of recognition.

The Steel Army picked Ruffneck Wear because of their sound reputation, low prices and great customer service. If you are interested in carrying on this tradition within your organization, contact Jeff McIntyre at Ruffneck and mention the Steel Army. We know Jeff well and he’ll work with you on a design and price that will be mutually beneficial to both parties. You can contact Jeff by email at or by checking out their website (link at the top of the site).

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    You guys are gonna make me cry...Thanks boys!
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    He He....then our job here is done, making a grown man cry! And we didn't even have to kick you in the soccer balls to do it.