Cleveland...The Day that was

Posted by AmericanMackem On 11:14 AM
So, it has almost been a week since the Army invaded Cleveland and made Krenzler Field and the City of Cleveland OUR HOUSE!! I think it has taken most of the members of the Steel Army this long to recover from last Saturday's festivities, so I thought I would recap all that was.

* Brewery tour of Great Lakes Brewing Company - Some members decided to start the tailgate early and took shots of vodka in the parking lot of the Brewery before we went in. Went inside and had a couple of Pints before we went on the tour. Tour was ok, beer for a quarter during the tour was even better.
* Tailgate - This is where it all started. Members of the Army arrived at different times, but before long the traveling Army was altogether with flags waving, drums beating, beer drinking and meat grilling. Some highlights from the tailgate include:
- Pissing in the parking lot by our cars since there was no bathroom in site
-Feeding the community of Cleveland by giving hotdogs, hamburgers, and beer to the homeless and hashers!
-Cops coming in to the parking lot (4 squad cars) to check and make sure we were "DRY". They left and we continued to party!
-Throwing raw meat
-Shane denting the roof of a rental car by standing on it waving a flag screaming
-Shane drinking most of a bottle of Absolute Vodka on his own
* The Match
- Pissing off a Cleveland fan who had way too much of a crush on Hounds player Justin Evans throughout the entire match.
-Shane being Shane (spitting, throwing shit, swearing, falling through bleachers, etc) LOL
-The demented ball boy screaming at us
-Lemons firing balls at us from the sideline
-Keystone and his huge ass Pittsburgh flag
-Out singing the Lime Army
-Ruining a quiet night out for Cleveland Shitty Star fans.

So, overall it was one hell of a trip. I personally was so tired from the day that I did not make it all the way back to Columbus that night. I had to pull off the road and spent the night in Ashland, continuing the trip the next morning.

If reading this you are clueless to some of the things I have mentioned, it only means you were not in Cleveland with us. Get your asses out to The Valley (Chartiers Valley High School) on May 3rd. Stand with the Army in the Yard. Better yet, contact us and find out where we will be prior to the match drinking and have a few with us. The Steel Army continues to grow, and we would love for you to be a part of it.


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