Riverhounds Mini-Camp

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The Pittsburgh Riverhounds held their first mini-camp of the 2008 season the weekend of March 15. They held 4 sessions and returning Hounds defender Jason Kutney provided Steel Army with exclusive reports from the camp.
"With about 30 field players and 4 keepers, we seperated in the first part of the session, with keepers doing whatever it is keepers do and field players breaking into groups of 5.

"We started with some open possessional play, 5v5, with another team of 5 around the perimeter as helpers. As expected, things started very fast."
As a supporter you've got to smile when a veteran member of the squad tells you "No real tackles this morning, which is a bit disappointing. I feel the fire will start to come out this afternoon."

And that it did. With the returning Hounds and trialists breaking into 8v8 sides they quickly worked into high paced sessions. Jason wrapped up his afternoon report with the most encouraging words of the weekend.
"I can say from today, that our team is much better than 2006. We have a
very fast team, overall."
Day two of the mini-camp found the Riverhounds outside on a cold and snowy Pittsburgh morning at Dormont Stadium. After a 40-minute warm-up Coach Gene Klein grouped many of the signed players together for 11v11 sessions. Before Jason prepared for the 4th session of the weekend which he referred to as the "Who's Still Got Leg?" session he had this to say about the 11v11's.
"Things looked rather smooth overall, with a lot of guys playing well and showing some signs of life. The open field allowed for some signs of fitness."
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