Army Dispatch: Meeting #4

Posted by MJ On 2:45 PM
More of a 'meet-up' than a meeting but it's amazing the people you run into when you're down at Piper's Pub for a few hours.

Lot's of international play yesterday - the U.S. beat Poland in Krakow. England got beat by France. So needless to say, a few members of Steel Army were sporting kits. On their way out of the pub three guys stopped to say hi and chat about the results. Both groups were in for a bit of a surprise when the introductions started because who did we get to meet?

Pittsburgh Riverhound forward Jeff Hughes and keepers Andrew Keszler and Zach Varga!

Fresh into town Jeff and Andrew were brought down to Pittsburgh's football-central by Zach for some dinner and to check the place out. We were sure to fill them in on all the details that make Piper's the place to be in Pittsburgh on Saturday and Sunday mornings to watch English footie.

(You're invited down any weekend guys, just be sure to introduce yourself to Drew and Tony!)

We all got a little inside scoop on when the rest of the 2008 Riverhounds squad will officially be showing up in Pittsburgh and assured the guys that there would be a Steel Army presence at the upcoming exhibition matches. Click here for some Steel Army info on the exhibition matches.

The players got a look at the 'chant sheet' that's been put together over the last few weeks and all had a good laugh. By now Kutney has probably gotten some stick for being a "super-star" even before the season starts! Hey, for a while it seemed like Jason was going to be the entire starting 11.

Next week be on the lookout here on the Steel Army blog for exclusive video and match reports as the 2008 Pittsburgh Riverhounds pre-season officially gets underway.


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